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Halona Glass is the brainchild of Twiggy Levy, a 2nd generation of self taught stained glass artists. Growing up in a small town in Indiana she watched her Mother grow and create her own stained glass business. Always knowing one day she herself would have her very own studio, she absorbed everything her Mother showed her. The reality of it was delayed while she traveled the world touring with bands. Eventually ready to settle down and sick of making money for others, in 2009 she finally started her studio in Brooklyn, NY. From there she headed to Richmond to open a storefront, but realized she was happier without the brick and mortar.

Embarking on a quest to find her happiness, she moved almost yearly, searching for the exact right place. After brief stops back in Indiana, Utah and Texas, she landed in her final place. New Mexico. A stunning adobe and log cabin on 8 beautiful, secluded acres nestled in the Jemez Mountains. The closest town is almost two hours away. 

She now divides her time between running a ranch, making jewelry and stained glass. In 2018 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, so while she might be forcibly slowed down... she still gets it done. Currently she is focusing on silversmithing while she closes open stained glass orders. Until she is caught up with those, no stained glass orders will be taken. 

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