BeeLine Moto : A Review

Hey hey, it’s Jimmy Dean with TRIco and I'm gonna tell you about the BeeLine Moto it’s a neat little moto nav device for motorcycles, scooters, bikes, and choppers. It’s a super simple device that easily mounts to your bars no matter what your running. 

These guys have stripped away all the nonsense that come along with the typical navigation apps and devices. they understand that once you start riding, you're probably not doing much within the app or altering of the route on the fly, you're also not trying to cypher a bunch of different information regarding your next turn. These guys have really simplified all that while on the bike, I mean to a ridiculous amount, all while still keeping the crucial information at the forefront. that way you can keep your eyes on the road rather than looking for what the next moves is on your phone, or if you're like me, you were running headphones up in to your helmet and listening to the audio of the directions, but headphones fall out, bluetooth helmet devices are bulky, expensive and require constant charging. This throws all that out the window, what window? well lobs it over the shoulder then.

Rather than a typical nav app that shows where you are on the road and every other road around you and tells you how many feet away from the exit you are yada yada yada, all you what to be shown is the direction you need to be going and how far out it is. The BeeLine solves that, upfront center stage, it shows you the direction you need to be headed in the form of a giant gosh darn arrow. pretty simple, where are we going, uh that way. perfectly simple. and if you need more info like how far out is you next turn, is it a left or a right turn? or how much longer till we get there, it’s all shown quite simply around the arrow. the direction of your next is shown as a dot to the left or the right of the arrow, and there are tick marks above the arrow that show your progress throughout the trip, and if and when you go off route, the arrow changes colors and will guide you back to the route, or if it was an intentional off route due to a road block or gas stop whatever, you can easily have the device reroute just by touching the bottom button on the device.

I hear you, your all saying hey Jimmy, this all sounds great but how do i input my route does this device just simply know where I want to go? is a subdermal implant that connects directly with our conscious? it is 2019 and we were promised so much cool tech, but the beeline is for the people and simply uses its own app on your phone to input your route, and it connects via bluetooth. 

That’s great and all, but we are bikers dude and the journey is the adventure, well these guys heard you, there are two navigation styles, the traditional turn by turn which we are all accustomed to, and then they have added a ‘compass mode’ as well, which just points to the end point and lets you make your route as you go.

All in all a very good device, I have a few trips lines up and I’m looking forward to getting more use outta this little guy. and hopefully get y’all a video ride review!

If you're interested in picking up a BeeLine, Let us know!